Isn’t It Time to Reclaim Your Health?

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The brand new “Reclaim Your Health” Podcast is now live on iTunes. Check it out here, including wisdom and insights from our first guests Dr. Krystal Couture, Suzanne Taylor and Sherry VanAntwerp. Subscribe to listen to our weekly shows and start reclaiming YOUR health! Tune in to hear our first 3 episodes: Being The Authority of Your Health Trusting Your Body’s Intuition Hormones: Our Fitness Frenemies Visit our website at to listen online or subscribe on iTunes. #health #wellness #podcast

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Infopreneur Summit 2017

Infopreneur Virtual Summit Goes Live!

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Register for free to listen to all 46 speakers at or upgrade to the VIP Package and get a free 30 Minute Strategy Session with me and an “Authority Optimization Marketing Plan” customized just for you! If you look back on your life, you have education, knowledge and experience that can help other people Are you ready to turn your life experience into income? Let’s make that happen! Join me, our host, Bailey Richert, and 44 other master infopreneurs and online business experts for this 4-day, virtual event. This week we are sharing our expertise on building a profitable information marketing business based…

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Success, Productivity & Happiness in Your Home & Business

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In this interview, I share insights on how to be more productive and organized to create a life that flows with ease and grace. Allowing your life to run you, (instead of you running your life) will destroy your joy! Learn how your environment has a huge impact on your success, productivity and level of happiness. Decreasing your environmental distractions will help your mindset and level of productivity. Check out the tips to streamline your home and business so that you are more productive, creative and happier. After listening to this interview you will be able to get your emails (& all areas…

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Kick Start Your Creative Life!

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It’s Time to Design a Fresh Start! It’s a brand, new, fresh day, and time to shift your creative energy into high gear. We have an amazing and free online event for you! Design Your Creative Life: Step Into Your Soul’s Work, Reclaim Your Freedom, and Attract Your Rightful Living! My friend, Maureen Edgecomb, Creative Consultant, has gathered a panel of 21+ of our creative colleagues, and I’m excited to be a part of this amazing Master Workshop. We’re talking on a variety of topics just for creatives: from getting started, to creating your workspace, to getting your work out…

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Accelerated Freedom Formula – All Access VIP Pass

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What could be better than having access to 27 Top Entrepreneurs (including me) sharing their success secrets with you so you can take your business to the next level? That’s exactly what registrants for the Accelerated Freedom Formula have experienced for the past two weeks. Did you miss out? Get your complimentary ALL ACCESS VIP Pass now For the next 7 days, all 27 interviews of the Accelerated Freedom Virtual Conference will be open and available for free.  My friend and colleague Mary Ann Robbat is making it possible for you to have complimentary access through February 8th, so get…

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Hellmans Mayonnaise

Social Media Strategy: Just Add Mayo!

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I was just watching a Hellman’s commercial.  Yes, mayo…one of my favorite condiments actually. Their marketing made a big deal about their mayo being made with cage-free eggs. Which is great, right? How else would we want our thick, creamy mayo made, but with eggs from happy and healthy chickens?! But it got me thinking.  Our society often takes a natural process, automates it to make it faster and cheaper, then everyone find out, complains and wishes things were back the way they were before…even if they have to pay a little more for it. The same goes for: Fresh Fruit…

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Can We Use Social Media to Help Predict Crimes Before They Happen?

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Apparently Hitachi thinks we can. Remember the experimental “Precrime” crime-prediction department headed up by Tom Cruise as Chief John Anderton in the 2002 Move Minority Report? Well, Hitachi announced this week that it has developed a powerful and robust new technology called ‘Hitachi Visualization Predictive Crime Analytics’ that has the ability to pinpoint when and where a crime will occur By gathering data from a fire hose of multiple real-time sources, including: Historical crime statistics Proximity to schools and subways Gunshot sensors License plate readers Public transit maps Weather reports and of course Social Media Conversations the system then uses…

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