How to Search Facebook

With the abundance of information on Facebook, sometimes it’s hard to find the particular post you are looking for, especially if it’s a post you saw before and want to find again!  Facebook Pages and Groups are a great resource for information on a topic, but how do you navigate all the posts to find the information you need?


How to Search on Facebook Groups
The easiest way to search a Group for information is the Search box.  Facebook Groups have a built in Search box in the top right corner:



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To search for a conversation around particular subject or topic in a Facebook Group, simply type the search term in the box at the top and click on the “magnifying glass” icon to the right of the search term you typed in.  All the posts containing the search term will then appear for you to explore.


Remember also that Facebook Groups have uploaded Docs listed on the right side of the Group page – you might find useful information there too!


How to Search Facebook Pages

Of course you can explore the menu on the left side of the page to view Photos (and videos); Notes (longer posts by Page) and Discussions, plus any extra tabs the Page has, such as Reviews, imported blog posts, YouTube videos, Twitter stream etc.


Unfortunately Facebook Pages don’t have the Search box that appears in Facebook Groups, so there is no direct way to search a Facebook Page for content on a particular topic.  However, there is an indirect way to search your favorite Facebook Page for posts through Google.


To find status updates and posts on a topic, go to and type in the following:

site:http://(link to Facebook page) “search term you are looking for”


Sample Search:  The Social Networker Daily

For example, here’s a search on my Facebook Page ( for the name of my daily Social Media publication “The Social Networker Daily”:


In Google I typed in:

site: “The Social Networker Daily”


Here are the results:



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From here you can click on the links to view the posts related to your search term.


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