Life Through A Lens: Priorities & Regrets

August 12, 2015.  Anna Maria Island, FL.

This week we’re house sitting for friends on Anna Maria Island (gotta love friends who have a home in paradise!)

Today I was sitting by the pool (which I used as the background image), thinking about the year so far and the coming months. I looked back on my growth, both personally and professionally and recommitted to my priorities.

Often life is so reactive. We’re busy day to day: living our life, working or running a business, taking care of our family, driving the kids to every sports practice under the sun and falling into bed at the end of the day exhausted.

This can be a good thing – if your days are in line with your priorities.

But for many of us, this constant going, going, going is a recipe for frustration and burnout.  Days, months and years fly by before we stop and think.

So here was today’s thought for the day:












About Rachel Haviland, Ph.D.

Rachel Haviland, Ph.D. is a Business & Marketing Consultant, Author & Speaker, as well as CEO of a full service marketing agency based in Tampa, Florida. She is also co-host of the health podcast “Reclaim Your Health”.

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