SMV2014 Conference – Leading Edge Strategies to Grow Your Business!


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Business experts around the world predict that businesses that are not marketing and engaging their clients using social media will not have a business in 5 years! Global social media strategist, Charlyn Shelton calls it ‘the worlds’ largest trade show’ and you have an opportunity for a million dollar piece of real estate when you understand how to use it correctly.

Social media changes as often as the weather and keeping up is overwhelming! There just isn’t enough time in the day! Businesses large and small continue to be confused about how to best harness the powerful machine of marketing on social media!

There is a HUGE difference between information and insight! Information is stats, data, trends, etc while insight is ‘paradigm shifting’ strategies will causes change. Business owners today know they need social media for marketing, but think they don’t have the time, or they delegate it to some ’20-something’ that has never owned a business! The Social Media Visionaries are all entrepreneurs that understand time is money, and take the guess work out of social media for you!

Have you ever said to yourself “Why can’t someone just give me the step-by-step strategies that REALLY work?” The good news is, Social Media Visionaries heard you! The barriers will be broken, the confusion will be cleared up!

Tampa is honored to have The Power of 6 – THE leading team of social media experts; and they are coming to Tampa, all the way from Toronto to San Francisco on Nov 1-2, 2014. They are masters in their field of expertise, not a ‘jack of all trades’.

This team of experts will be giving you ‘insider techniques’ to grow your business on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube. Winning business owners make their plans for 2015 now! You’ll be ahead of the game! For a minimal investment of $97.00 for Saturday, you will receive:

  • WHAT IS YOUR ROR? You’ll learn that!
  • HOW CAN YOU BE THE NEXT NBC? You’ll learn that!
  • NEVER WANT TO MAKE A COLD CALL AGAIN? You’ll learn that!
  • WHERE ARE THE GOLDEN EGGS HIDDEN? You’ll learn that!
  • WHAT ARE THE 5 BUCKETS OF SUCCESS? You’ll learn that!

We all know when attending such an outstanding conference there are really TWO opportunities, one is the learning and two is the networking with 100 other brilliant professional business owners. The icing on the cake….lunch is included too!

Oh and by the way, what happens if you don’t attend and your competition does?

Click HERE to register online now. Seating is limited

Questions? Contact Dr. Rachel Haviland, 813-767-9290.

About Rachel Haviland, Ph.D.

Rachel Haviland, Ph.D. is a Business & Marketing Consultant, Author & Speaker, as well as CEO of a full service marketing agency based in Tampa, Florida. She is also co-host of the health podcast “Reclaim Your Health”.

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