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Facebook-Photo-ViewerKeep reading for a Top Tip on how to use Facebook photos as sales tools!

People have been asking me “Why am I seeing a black frame around photos when I click to view them?”

This frame is the new Facebook photo viewer, which allows you to see and comment on the full-size photos without losing your place on Facebook.

For example, if you see a friend’s photo in your News Feed and click on it, it will open at full-size in the photo viewer. You can easily browse through other photos in the same album using the viewer, and when you close the viewer, you’ll be in the same place in your News Feed.

Here’s how to use the viewer:

1. Click any photo in your News Feed, on your profile, or elsewhere on Facebook.

2. When the window opens you’ll see your photo full-size, against a black frame. You can like or comment on the photo at the bottom of the screen.


3.  To see the next photo in the album, you can either: click the photo you’re viewing, click the right or left arrow buttons outside the photo, or use the right or left arrow keys on your keyboard.

4.  To close the photo viewer, click the “X” at the top right corner or press the Escape key.

If you don’t like the new photo viewer…

Do you wish you could just see the photos on the page the way it used to be?

You can!  When you are viewing a photo in the photo viewer, click on F5 and you will be taken to the page where the photo is located.  You can then navigate through the photos as usual (click Previous, Next, Back to Album etc).


Did someone tag you in a photo that you’re not in or don’t like?  You can untag yourself  by viewing the photo and clicking the “Remove Tag” link next to your name. The photo will no longer be linked to your profile.


Top Tip:  Include a Call to Action in the image you upload or in the description.  Create an image with text giving your latest special offer, discount, free report etc.  Include a link to your website in the photo description.  Use the photo as a sales tool – it’s like getting a free Facebook ad!


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